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Friday, February 28, 2020

Roy Jones Responds To Deontay Wilder Blaming His Loss On Costume

Roy Jones interview with interviewed Roy Jones about the Wilder and Fury fight. 
It's going around that Wilder is blaming the weight of his 45 pound costume weakening his legs causing him to lose the fight against Fury.

When asked Roy about his opinion on the costume blame, Roy responded by saying "You suppose to be prepared for whatever that night, if you're not then you put yourself through that." Roy goes on to say "So you think i'm going to put on a costume I never worn before? "No I'm not",  Roy also says that he wouldn't wear his shoes or cup for a fight if you never tried it on, that's why they call it professionals.

When Roy was asked the direct question, If he think that Wilder's costume really did weaken his legs, Roy responded "No", then Roy asked how much did Tyson weigh in at? The interviewer responded "273 pounds", Roy responded "It was 273 pounds of human flesh that weakened his legs."

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