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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tyra Banks Opens ModelLand

The Breakfast Club talks about Modelland with Tyra
Tyra Banks goes on 'The Breakfast Club' to promote her new fantasy themed company called "ModelLand" - A place that anyone can go and live the ultimate modeling fantasy experience. You will be in person walking through a wonderful attraction where you get photoshoots with professional lighting and tip and tricks from Tyra herself . 

At ModelLand you will also go through a wonderful shopping experience. Tyra talks about one of the shops called "Snatched" where you can buy the craziest wigs to enhance your fantasy experience. 

Tyra says she compares ModelLand to 'America's Next Top Model' except at ModelLand you get to live it instead of watch it on TV. You get to step into a word where you take amazing pictures and have an ultimate shopping experience.

ModelLand is located in Santa Monica, California 
You can buy tickets and or get a membership where you save money.

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