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Rated 'Mega 5 Stars' Fashion 

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Dj Khaled Dolce & Gabbana 2021 Spring/Summer Trending Fashion Drip

Fashion designers Domenica Dolce and Stefano Gabbana collaborated with artist and Hip-Hop producer DJ Khaled to create a Miami urban style clothing line with a Mediterranean atmosphere vibe and Lion head prints connecting the strength and scenery of Khaled's life in Florida and Domenica and Stefano scenery backgrounds in Italy.

Collaboration Description:
For the new capsule collections the pay tribute to DJ Khaled, Stefano and Domenico decided to bring together two worlds that look to be different on the surface, the world of hip-hop and that of our signature aesthetic. Murals and prints steal the scene, mixing with bougainvillea and agave, stunning plants that bring the sunshine of Florida and the wild gardens of Miami, and Sicily, to mind. With these 2 capsule collections Dolce & Gabbana is paying homage to the creativity and the key role that the artist and producer DJ KHALED plays within the artistic world.

The 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion "Drip" consists of 2 capsule collections:

Miami Meets Mediterranean (jungle mix) clothing line includes jackets, jogging pants, t-shirts, jogging shorts, swim trunks, and pillows.

Lion Looks (lion mix) clothing line includes hoodies, jogging pants, jackets, t-shirts, jogging shorts, swim trunks, and pillows.


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