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Advertising Advertising Service With A Unique Promotional Approach

*Always Promoting The Gifted*

Type Of Service:  To promote, plan, and direct advertisement in order to generate interest to your  music, videos, website, fashion, and or brand.

Delivery Of Service: will promote your music business via the internet through our website and social media network pages based on the type of package you choose for your promotional service.

Objective: looks forward to helping you receive the attention most needed for your business to expand and succeed. 

Package Offers 

Professional Package
  •   A Medium size ad posted up-front on the main page sidebar of that will be visible on every page on this website/blog.   
  • A written post containing your business name, links, and type of music or service. Your post will also be provided an identifying post URL linked to Also included in this pro package, will be social media campaign ads and updated promotional posts on our social media public pages. 

Basic  Package
  • A written post containing your business name, link, and type of music or service. Your post will also be provided an identifying post URL linked to 
  • Promotional posts on our social media public pages 

All packages will have a 30-day duration of service. After the 30 days, all campaigns, posts and or ads will end. We reserve the right to decide if your project will be appropriate to be advertised or promoted on this website. We will not advertise porn of any kind.

Contact Information
For more information and package prices, Email: 

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