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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Black Ink Crew Donna Cries On Live - Past Suicide Thoughts and Fights

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A very emotional Donna from VH1 Black Ink Crew New York goes on Instagram Live and vents about her past and present appearances on the show.  She starts off  by talking about her first season on Black Ink Crew which was season 3, she said that was one of the hardest times of her life, so hard that she's even thought about suicide. The reality star said she didn't have any friends when moving to New York and she was even in an abusive relationship all while dealing with issues with Ceaser and Dutchess from the show. 

 Donna said she went through a period on the show when she was very sad all the time, she said she use to hate going on the set so much that she would get stomachaches.
In the recent seasons Black Ink Crew New York has shown Donna arguing and fighting and she says she's tried of the same storyline.
"I'm always portrayed to be angry and unwanted"
 She feels like she's being portrayed that same way again in season 9.

The storyline for Donna in season 9 looks as if she's no longer tattooing after some mistakes that she made on clients and that she's now focusing on promoting her cbd juices and hair line, but Ceaser and Tatti are confused as to where that would fit in the tattoo shop. However, Donna is saying that off camera Ceaser is supportive of her business and telling her it's okay to display her products in the shop. 

Donna said, "I don't know what my future holds on Black Ink Crew"

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