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Friday, November 6, 2020

Ray J Daughter Calls Tupac Her Daddy


Princess Love and Ray J shared the cutest daddy moment ever! 

2 years old 'Melody' was so excited to see her daddy by way of  video chat that when her mother 'Princess' directed her to say "hi dada", she started pointing and showing Ray J the picture on her shirt. On the shirt is a picture of Tupac but baby girl Melody thinks it's her daddy's face. This was all captured on video and shared to Instagram.

Princess Love comment post read: "My baby thinks Tupac looks like her dada emoji @rayj"

Ray J comment post read: "Lol Daddy's girl!! I miss you!-"


Another cute moment posted by the Norwoods were their Halloween costumes. The family dressed up like 'The Addams Family.

@rayj Instagram

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

49ers Wide Receiver Kendrick Bourne Test Positive For Covid-19


Football San Francisco 49ers are due to play the Green Bay Packers on Thursday but will be playing without Wide Receiver 'Kendrick Bourne'. 

ESPN has reported that the San Francisco 49ers have shut down their facility Wednesday morning do to a positive Covid-19 test from Bourne who has since went into self-quarantine.

This news comes a day after Bourne posted a Youtube video looking healthy and strong while featuring his new business adventure and family.

The latest number of Coronavirus cases in the United States total is 9.47M and 233K deaths.

We wish Kendrick Bourne and all others affected a speedy recovery. 


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