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Saturday, February 29, 2020

G Herbo Talks Addiction, PTSD and New Music

G Herbo 'The Breakfast Club' Interview
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G Herbo sits down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his addiction and 'PTSD' diagnosis along with his new music.

G Herbo found out that he had PTSD when he started seeing a therapist. His lawyer suggested that he be seen for the things he has experienced like: seeing a murder at 8, getting shot at 16, and carrying around multiple guns for protection. "It's not normal!" says G Herbo's lawyer and this is why he wanted him to be seen by a professional.  

G Herbo also suffered with addiction, when asked how he dealt with it, he said he went to a detox facility twice because he was addicted to pills and alcohol. Now clean, he said (in so many words) that he's putting his energy towards staying focus and leaning towards positivity. He's investing into his city by trying to buy a building on the block where he grew up on.

Through all of what G Herbo has experienced, he made an album called 'PTSD' . When asked about the cover of his album; which features him holding up the American Flag with faces of 50 people in the place of stars, bullet holes and blood, his response was "I did that because it suppose to be basically the land of the free, the land of opportunity, but where I come from it's not no opportunity, nothing was free, nothing was giving to you; we had to take it, we had to fend for ourselves. I got homies that didn't have no choice but to sell drugs, their mothers was on drugs. When you think of PTSD you automatically relate to the country going to war and stuff like that, but where I'm from we're at war with ourselves. We got 50 states, I know 50 people that died in a 10 block radius, 5 block radius, so that's why I wanted to do it. The bullet holes in the flag because this is what we up against. I got cousins and people in my family that got shot at 10 years old, it's kids where I come from that die, babies 1 year olds. That is why I wanted the significance of the flag to stand out and I did the 50 stars because this is where I come from and this is where y'all come from."

Available Now

PTSD Album features 'Chance the Rapper', 'Lil Durk', '21 Savage', 'Jacquees', and more

Songs on the album are:
 Glass in the Face
Gangstas Cry
In this B****
Death Row
Party in Heaven
By Any Means
Lawyer Fees
High Speed

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