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Monday, March 2, 2020

Princess Love and Ray J Blowups and Conversation

Princess Love and Ray J has been going through ups and downs in their marriage. The recent blowups were when Princess found an extra phone and when she says Ray J abandoned her in Vegas.  

Back in November 2019, Princess went live on social media to expose the entire incidents. She said the blowups started from an extra phone she found in which she confronted Ray J about. She says after he tried to lie, he then became honest about the phones. He also admitted to entertaining other women and that he did it because they've been arguing alot. Princess said they talked about it and said they would put it behind them, but when they went to Vegas for the Soul Train Awards another argument occurred. 

Ray J asked Princess Love if they could move to Vegas, Princess said no because it isn't a place to raise kids plus Ray J likes to gamble and it's to many parties. She said they began to argue and Ray J left for the night. The next morning they had another argument via phone and Ray J blocked her. She said she was left stranded. 

The couple hasn't been posting photos together on Instagram, they've been just posting with their children separately. It's not confirmed if they are living together or if they are separated however, the couple is going on 'The Zeus Network' to deeply open up about the matter without any producers or hosts on March 15th

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