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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rihanna's Pope and Lena Waithe Pride 2018 Met Gala Costume Fashion Look

Rihanna and Lena Waithe 2018 Met Gala
Some of the stunning Met Gala looks amongst the crowd was Rihanna and Lena Waithe. Their looks and relating subjects were something that one could remember for a lifetime.

Rihanna took on a more religious fashion approach and Lena Waithe went with more of a pride awareness style.

Many heads turned and blog posts filled the internet with reviews about these two outstanding celebrities Met Gala look.
Rihanna took to social media with many pics and snippet videos featuring her 2018 Meta Gala look. She beamed in a beaded applique and jeweled gown, cape, and papal tiara. Her makeup consisted of none other than Fenty Beauty.

Lena Waithe shared her "head turner" 2018 Met Gala fashion look designed with a rainbow LGBT Pride colored cape that flowed over a black tuxedo suit.
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