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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

DJ Khaled “Sorry Not Sorry” Skyrockets To The Top Ft. Nas, Jay-Z

"Sorry Not Sorry" news and review on Mega 5 Stars

DJ Khaled
Ft. Nas, Jay-Z, &  James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive
“Sorry Not Sorry”
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This song is surely the essence of an organic flow.
“Everybody’s gettin’ bands ... we just dance to different drums” rapped by Jay-Z is one of our favorite verses in the song and "Hear a boss talk, you don't hear me? That's your loss, Winner in life, F**k a coin toss" by Nas is another.

The numbers continue to skyrocket to the top for "Sorry Not Sorry" off the "Khaled Khaled" album with close to 16 Million views to date, making this song number one in music video views from the album on YouTube and a consistent climb on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart this week.

Fans comments also continues to roll in on a day to day bases:
MrRevillz wrote: "This album is huge. Some of the biggest collabs in a long time 🔥🔥🔥"
Simone wrote: "Beyoncé saying "heyyyy" just took my soul away"
Nigel Brown wrote: "When Nas said I live in the ghetto 2 seconds from the devil👆🏿 facts"
Diverse Mentality wrote: "Impeccable bars from 2 Hip-Hop's greatest. This is HIP-HOP."

What do you think about "Sorry Not Sorry" and the collaboration?

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