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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Prayers For Black Rob - Showing Love For DMX From His Hospital Bed

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Many celebrities and fans are sending out prayers for the Rap Artist 'Black Rob' who's in the hospital with what looks to be a serious condition.

In his hospital bed while expressing the pain he was feeling, BR took the time to show love and express his feelings on the death of DMX through a video. The video was captured by DJ Self who shared the moment to his Instagram along with a post asking everyone to pray for Black Rob and for everyone to take care of themselves. He ended the post by saying, "BR was one of the greats Had NY on his back like Whaooo".

As Black Rob spoke he appeared to be weak and in great pain but he managed to say "I feel everything about X, X one love man, Positive, X big love, big love to X".

Black Rob's illness and condition is unknown, stay-tuned as we will release more information on his status when it becomes available.

Mega 5 Stars will keep Black Rob in our prayers. 
"Get Well Soon"

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