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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Reported Gunshots and Injuries End Lil Durk's "Smurkchella" Concert

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On April 17, 2021, Lil Durk held a "Smurkchella" concert at the Celebrity Theatre on their parking lot stage in Phoenix Arizona. Photos spread across social media of the rap artist performing with singer 'Coi Leray' and other artists.

It's been reported that as the night progressed gunshots began to sound off into the crowd. People started running, knocking down chairs, and dividers. Many fans video recorded the incident and some shared their injuries to Twitter.


ABC15 News reports: The police were called to the scene at 10:00 when it was reported that gunshots were fired and a woman was shot in the leg. Officers are now searching for the person or persons responsible for the shooting. The victim is said to have non-life-threatening injuries and is going to be okay says ABC15.

Later in the day on Sunday April 18, 2021,  Lil Durk shared a post on his Twitter time line which appeared to be a comment about "Smurkchella". The comment said, "organizers of  Durk's concert -- say there was no gunfire during Saturday's event  ... and that it was just a microphone dropping on the ground, which made a loud noise".
The post also says that reports of a woman being grazed by a bullet are also false.



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