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Monday, December 9, 2019

Kandi's Husband Todd Having Problems Bonding With HIs Daughters
On the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 6 Todd's daughter 'Kaela' confronted him about his closed emotions towards her. As they sat down to talk about Kaela's fashion career, Todd said he was proud of her and she responded by saying, "Wow, someone say's that their proud".  She was totally shocked that her dad said the word "proud". She told him that he never shows emotions unless he is mad at her and he doesn't know how to show affection. Todd said that he's trying to make her tough. He also apologized and said he will do better.

On Kandi's youtube channel (Kandi online) she and Husband 'Todd' had a discussion about him helping out with baby Blaze (his newborn daughter) She says he doesn't help out and the first week that the baby was home from the hospital, Todd went to the club twice and didn't take time to help out with Blaze during the late night hours. Kandi also feels like Todd isn't trying to bond with the baby.

Todd disagrees and said he just think that the baby is too fragile right now and he also needs to be shown how to change baby Blaze because it's different with his son whereas he knew what to do with him.

In Todd's defence, he also said that they don't have a plan as to who takes care of Blaze and that there should be a plan in place. He say's he is a team player. 
At the end of the conversation you could see that Kandi started to understand Todd's reasoning a little. 

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