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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Hostage Man Thanks Tyler Perry For Being A Hero

Stephen Johnson went on a cruise to mexico and during his vacation he went into a diabetic shock. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors helped him recover, but when he went to leave he was held hostage. 

Johnson and his wife was being held hostage until his $14,000 dollar bill was paid. He says hospital staff started pushing him and restraining him from leaving with a trash can lid. 

When this story started to hit national news donors started to contribute, but the big one was Tyler Perry. Johnson says if it wasn't for Perry he would still be held in Mexico, because he had no insurance and no way to pay the bill.

Johnson called Tyler Perry his hero and thanked him via video. He said he wishes to see Perry and thank him in person so he could tell him he loves him as another brother and as a person, Jonson says there is no one like Perry and he's astounded that he reached out and saved his life and did all he could for a stranger.

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