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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New York Housewives Countess Luann Is Off Probation

New York Housewives Countess Luann Is Off Probation
 The countess 2017 arrest for assaulting and threatening to kill a police officer while under the influence of alcohol and her 2018 relapse which violated her probation terms in which added more terms of intense stipulations (one being a breathalyzer monitoring device) all kept social media buzzing. 

It's finally all over for Luann, as of today August 28, 2019, she is off of probation. She can now breath and stay more focused on her cabaret shows which continues to be successful and booked in parts of the US.

Through it all countess Luann found time to write her Instagram fans a letter saying;
 Hi my friends,
I'm happy to say after a long difficult year.....
I've made it through!
I'm humbled and grateful for this life lesson and ready to put the past behind me and move on with my life.
Wish me luck!
Thank you for your undying support over the years!
Love always, 
We here at Mega 5 Stars wishes you luck and happiness.

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