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Monday, July 9, 2018

Rated 'Mega 5 Stars' Celebrity Baby Melody Already Reaching For The Stars

Celebrity Baby Melody already reaching for the stars!
Before she was born the stars were already lining up for her arrival through a song her father Ray J produced back in 2005 called Melody. Ray J pulled this song back up in the charts when he gifted it to his baby girl and naming her the title of this amazing song.

He revealed this gift to his baby girl while still in the womb of his beautiful wife 'Pincess Love' during a live performance Seen Here.

The song Melody was released and revamped with a new structure on June 22, 2018

Available now on Itunes!

From day 1 baby Melody grabbed hearts, her glow and alertness beamed through the photos her parents shared on social media.

Like baby Melody's parents 'Ray J and Princess Love Norwood', you can clearly see that handling the spotlight comes naturally. Her beauty and photogenic perk screams for the camera.

Since birth, Melody's parents have been sharing some of the most amazing photos and videos, one of them being recent of her admiring a book with Stars
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Here are more of Melody's amazing "Star Status' captures

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