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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ray J Melody Music Video Pt. 2 Features The Emotional & Intense Birth Of Baby Girl

Ray J's 'Melody' music video features the emotional and intense birth of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reality Star music artist's and  'Princess Love's' baby girl and the name revealing highlights.

 In capturing moments for his Melody video, Ray J shared an intimate moment during a live performance when he brought Princess Love out on the stage to reveal their baby girl's name to the audience in singing 'Melody', which brought tears to Princess eyes.

Husband and wife shared some of their personal moments, from the stages of pregnancy to the day of delivery.
Labar and delivery itself can be scary, but the need for a cesarean is really an enhancement to the stage of worrying. The camera caught Ray J's intense emotions during the sensitive time along with parts of Princess Love's serious childbirth

The couple's introduction to the next chapter of their life was announced and presented to social media elegantly, and with such loving energy, and memorable gestures.

Melody by Ray J original release date was on September 5,2005, but when recording the single the artist had no clue that the song would rekindle its energy with the naming of his firstborn.

Ray J released the newest cover for his 'Melody' song on January 22, 2018
The song is so beautiful, heart-grabbing with such a loving "melody".
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