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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Glorious Song From TV Show 'Rise' Hits Mega 5 Stars

Glorious Rise Song Rated
Rated on Mega 5 Stars
It's a beautiful thing when you see young people bloom with talent after being inspired to unleash their special gift within.
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Glorious is a rap and pop song with a chorus backup that's off the soundtrack for the upcoming TV Series 'Rise' premiering March 13th 10/9c

Rise is about a Teacher who takes over the school's Theater department and awakens the children's hidden talents.  

Hearing songs and seeing music videos like 'Glorious', makes you feel like there is hope in a world that seems to be failing at so many things. Positive songs like Glorious and Tv shows like "Rise' can inspire children to go after their dreams and never give up.

Glorious is Rated
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