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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Drake 'God's Plan' - Rated Mega 5 Stars

Drake God's Plan
God's Plan
Humble, Respectful, Loving, Caring, and Intelligent are just a few labels you can use when describing Drake.
The photo above is a snip from Drake's new music video God's Plan which first debuted on youtube February 16, 2018. The video tells the story of where drake's heart was when making God's Plan, but it's not just a fiction video story, "it's real!". Drake really went out and choose these places and people to surprise and help on sight. It's amazing how one man can change many lives in a short period of time that many so-called leaders haven't been able to accomplish in years. The sad part about this is this type of encouraging love, peace, and compassion never hits the new rooms or daily newspapers, but somehow shootings, killings, hate speeches and wars can hit the news within seconds.
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Drake God's Plan photo
Drake and his mother - 'God's Plan'
For Drake's Love, Passion, and Uplifting spirit in which he delivered in this song and music video, 
God's Plan Is Rated
Mega 5 Stars
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Drake God's Plan Song Cover
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God's Plan is a single off of Drake's 'Scary Hours' 2 song Album featuring another song: Diplomatic Immunity
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