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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tyrese Emotional Meltdown In The Fight To Be With His Daughter

Tyrese is crying out for help from friends and anyone who can help him with this fight to regain rights to be with his daughter Shayla. It's been reported allegations in news posts like TMZ  that Tyrese ex-wife 'Norma Gibson' said the singer pushed her daughter to the ground and beat her. It's also been said that Tyrese thinks his daughter has been coached into saying these serious accusations.

In the emotional meltdown video below, Tyrese says he hasn't received any support from his millionaire and billionaire friends even though he's been there for many of them, and to make matters worse he's stopped getting calls for work opportunities. He also mentions that he gives his ex-wife 13,000 dollars a month.

This video is very heartbreaking for parents who are loving and protective of their children.
We wish Tyrese and his family nothing but the best in sorting out this problem.


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