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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Update On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cynthia and Nene Sisterhood Friendship

In signing on to Twitter it was a surprise to see this beautiful and elegant picture of Nene and Cynthia (@CynthiaBailey10) in the @1StarCutie Twitter notifications. 

Many comments from viewers of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta has shown their support of this reunion under Cynthia's post and is looking forward to seeing them back together again.

"One thing is for certain and that's "Real recognizes Real" and that is what both of these lovely ladies are."

All that's left to do is tune into the housewives season 10 on  June 5th, Sunday 8/7c to see how this friendship plays out.

Thank you @CynthiaBailey10  for sharing this update, You're the best!


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