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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jay-Z Reflecting On The Heart Of Black Soul Music Through Reggae and Hip Hop Ft. 'Bam' - 'I Know' Videos

Jazy-Z Bam Music Video Review
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4:44 - JAY-Z

Jay-Z takes you into the heartful soul of black music through the sound of reggae from the blood of Bob Marley's son 'Damian Marley' to the streets of Jamaica while reflecting on his vein line introduction to music in performing hip hop with 'Bam' - a track of his 4:44 album.

Jaz-Z ' I Know ' Music Video Scene
To put you in a trans of soul music once again, Jay-Z adds a little "TLC" for the ladies who are in need of love with this single called 'I Know'.

"Put Love out into the universe and you will receive it back"

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