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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Will Never Have Enough Of Bryson Tiller's 'Exchange'? New Edited Music Video Now Playing

New Bryson Tiller 'Exchange' Music Video
Bryson Tiller 'Exchange' 

One of the most played songs on radio stations across the board, and most played music videos for the first version of Exchange online. His new edited version was released yesterday 6/1/2016 and is now climbing to the charts with video below.

One could say they will never have enough of Bryson Tiller's 'Exchange' and let's not forget about one of his first hits 'Don't' 
It's his heartfelt soulful music that is strongly recognized which makes it never too old to listen to. When Bryson sings, you can feel the pain he's been through in his life and those who have experienced the same can relate, understand and vibe to. 

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