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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The News On Kanye West Reneging On Jay Z' Tidal and Roc Nation No Longer His Manager

Jay Z's Rock Nation is no longer Kanye West manager

Although Kanye West said that his music will only be available on Tidal, "which is his best friend's Jay Z's music website", sources say that Kanye reneged on his promise because his new music & album 'The Life Of Pablo' is now available on Spotify.

In the mist of this shocking news, Wendy Williams sources says that Kanye also dropped Jay Z's 'Roc Nation' as his management and that his new manager is Scooter who is also Justin Bieber's manager.

Things are changing fast with these two, we only hope that money doesn't corrupt their brotherly love.

Do you think Kanye and Jay Z relationship will change?

Stay Tuned...

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