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Friday, February 19, 2016

Mob Wives Angela "Big Ang" Seen On The Doctor Oz Show Days Before Dying From Cancer

Mob Wives "Big Ang" Dies At 55 From Cancer After Doctor Oz Show
Angela "Big Ang" from the Mob Wives talks to Doctor Oz about cancer

Days after appearing on the Doctor Oz show, Reality Star Angela Raiola known as "Big Ang" and the big sister of the show 'Mob Wives' dies at age 55 from stage 4 cancer. She was also on VH1 shows Miami Monkey and Couples Therapy.

After being diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer from 40 years of smoking, Big Ang under went a successful operation to have a tumor removed in which she then became cancer free, but when returning to her doctor months later she was told that the cancer returned in the form of a mass in her left lung. But again, Big Ang beat the odds and won the battle.
Angela told Doctor Oz that she threw a big party and celebrated. She and her doctor was thinking that if she beat Cancer the second time the odds of it returning was slim. However, when returning back to the doctors for the 3 months checkup, she was given the horrifying news that the cancer returned and now it was stage 4 brain and lung cancer. After some treatments and still being the strong person that she was, Big Ang died surrounded by her loving family.

Angela Raiola "Big Ang" will surely be missed as she was the light of her family, friends and even her TV viewing fans. She was known as the Big Sister of the Mob wives show, the one to call and if her friends were having a problem, she would always have heartfelt words of wisdom to many. Before her death Angela leaves a message to her viewers on the Doctor Oz Show by saying,
"Don't Smoke! Life Is Precious."
Watch Angela Raiola On The Doctor Oz Show Here!

Rest In Peace Big Ang!

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