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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ray J - Curtains Closed Music Video Featuring His Love "Princess Love"

Ray J and Princess Love Curtains Closed Music Video Review
Scenes from Ray J's "Curtains Closed music video featuring Princess Love 

Through all the rage, struggle, and pain Ray J and Princess Love are finally closing the curtains on all the drama that have been in their relationship.

Back in December we shared "The Breakfast Club" interview in which the couple talked about the problems that occurred in their relationship on and off camera of the show "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood". 

Ray J - who was caught cheating several times on Princess says that he's made some major adjustments in his life and one of them is to stop consuming alcoholic beverages. The couple together has now decided to end all the past troubles and childish ways that's tried to come between them and start fresh to make their union "forever". They are now engaged and is planning for the big day.

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Curtains Closed - Single - Ray J

This music video shares a time of drama in Ray J and Princess lives, but ends with an everlasting love story that's to be continued.

Update 9/2016
Congratulations To Ray J and Princess Love! 
May your life be filled with love and joy

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