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Friday, December 18, 2015

August Alsina Sings About Being Hurt and Contemplating Suicide In "Song Cry"

August Alsina "Song Cry" is so emotional, but the real feelings of many artists thoughts and fears in the music industry when going through long hours, over bookings, money hungry people, family and friends turning on you and or fighting for attention. 
It really takes tough skin, but even with that depression can seek in. 
August Alsina "Song Cry" music video
In 2014 August Alsina was hospitalized for a seizure that resulted in him being in an induced coma for a couple of days after fainting on stage during a show. Some said he was overworked and depressed. 

In "Song Cry" Alsina also mentions J Cole and Drizzy Drake saying;
"I figured maybe J. Cole or Drizzy Drake would drop a verse and tell the people how we hurtin', 
guess I mistaken, this moment mine for the taking, for all them nights I thought of suicide, contemplating..."

The coffin scene is this video is very creepy especially since Some artists in the past who's had them in their videos are no longer living.

Song Cry is off August's New Album
"This Thing Called Life"
Available Now!

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