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Monday, June 8, 2015

President Obama's Powerful Eulogy At Joe Biden Son's Funeral - Work Hard, Live A Life Of Meaning, Make Others Feel Like They Matter

President Obama's Powerful Eulogy At Joe Biden Son's Funeral

President Obama Embrace Joe Biden At Son's Funeral - Remembering Beau Biden
President Obama embraces Vice-President Joe Biden after a Powerful and Loving remembrance of his son "Beau Biden" during Eulogy delivery. 
  • .  
  • Work Hard 
  • Live A Life Of Meaning 
  • Make Others Feel Like They Matter 
  • Never Make Other's Feel Like You're Higher Than They Are
  •  Give Back
  • Love

Obama Acknowledges these characteristics that were instilled in Joe Biden's son and family.  The president says, that's the measure of a man, the way he lives and how he treats others no matter what life throws at him, and Beau Biden was a man of respect, love, hard working, honorable, and giving. 

President Obama reminds the America people that we don't have to be born into money to make an impact.
We don't have to step on one another to be successful.
We have this remarkable privilege of being able to earn what we get out of life with the knowledge that we are no higher then anybody else.

Love Deeply And Teach Our Children What Matters In Life

Rest In Peace Beau Biden 

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