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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ciara and Boyfriend Russell Wilson Bonds Their Relationship With Feng Shui

Ciara and Boyfriend Russell Wilson Bonds Their Relationship
Ciara and Russell Wilson"s relationship on

The couple takes the time to bond their relationship with a walk through a garden at the White House by standing in an archway under a wind chime. In Feng Shui rituals, this symbolizes positive energy, good health, and fortune for the present and future.
Ciara and New Boyfriend Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks Quarterback

Speaking of "Future", looks like her baby daddy may be something in the past as far as an intimate relationship, However they still share a loving bond with their beautiful baby boy "Little Future".

Seattle Hawks "Russell Wilson" is surely making all the right moves to Ciara's heart, so much that she's not holding back any opportunities for a snapshot of their romantic journey together and he's enjoying and welcoming it all. 

Bringing Feng Shui traditions into their lives really seems like they both are really focused on a lasting relationship. 

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