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Monday, February 9, 2015

Trey Songz Goes Off On The Grammys For Not Receiving An Award and Said They Shorttchange

Trey Songz is unhappy about not receiving an award and he is letting everyone know how he feels about the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. 
In this twitter tweet below he said, when they give him nothing he thinks of you. 

Trey Songz let's everyone know how mad he is with the Grammy Awards

Trey Songz Upset With The Grammy Awards

In letting out more steam Trey Songz goes on to say:
 " 10 years I been able to feed my family and have the support of so many people, just for doing what I would do anyway for NOTHING. Music.
So Please don't take this next sentiment as salt, shade, envy, etc. The Grammys shortchange culture for popularity every year."

Trey Songz also take the time to remind the Grammys of his accomplishments by adding, "Trigga #1 album, "NaNa" "Touchin Lovin" and "What's Best For You" All #1 on one chart or another #Grammys ijs."

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