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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keyshia Cole - Do That For

Keyshia Cole is letting the men know that she will love'em and maybe let them "F---- up" a couple of times, but when it's time to let go, she's will and to the "Point Of No Return".
Keyshia Cole - Do That For (B.A.B)
A scene from Keyshia Cole's "Do That For" music video, now playing on
In this video 'Do That For' (B.A.B.), Keyshia doesn't hold back, she let's it all loose.
 In recalling her past relationship problems with Daniel Gibson and Birdman, seems like Keyshia's getting a little something off her mind in this song.
In an earlier report in 2014, Cole supposedly caught Birdman cheating which caused her to be arrested.
One thing is for certain, Keyshia sure has had a lot of heartache to sing about between Bird and Gibson.

Do That For (B.A.B.) - Point of No Return (Deluxe Edition)

Keyshia Cole also released a music video for the song "New Nu" this week, which is also on her new album 'Point Of No Return'.

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