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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Images From Solange Knowles and Alen Ferguson Twist On A Natural Wedding

This weekend Solange Knowles married a star award winning music video director "Alen Ferguson". 
The couple's wedding was full of natural surroundings with fashion scenes of crisp cream and white colors.
Solange's wedding fashion was a one-piece cream jumpsuit with a versatile cape that reversed into a party outfit with just a flip and a snap.  The cape went from a flowy shawl by day into a ruffled flowy cape by night by turning the cape upside down and snapping around the neck. Alan Ferguson wore a tailed white suit with black and gold tip shoes. 
The couple made their first appearance from a balcony of a ruff natural grained building that featured french doors and natural ungroomed leafy flower pots.  When time to leave for the church, Solange and Alen's bicycle ride was one of the highlights of the day.

Jay Z and Beyonce also adorned the scene in cream and white

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