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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eminem Vevo Presents "Shady" CXVPHER - Creative Freestyle Rap

"Ha" Creative Freestyle Rap it is! Eminem VEVO  Presents: Shady CXVPHER
Make sure when you're checking the lyrics, you're viewing the background of these "floetries". Each one tells a story in a sense of a short tale. 
Eminem Vevo Presents "Shady CXVPHER" - Creative Freestyle Rap - Video
Eminem Vevo "Shad CXVPHER" Creative Freestyle Rap video on
For those who needs a little more insight of what this craft is, "well", every man has his or her own vision or story to tell in the way they view the world or their surroundings, so here are these artist's freestyle rap stories. If you don't choose to hear it or even stretch your mind to be observant enough to view or shell I say; "be aware of" the different personalities and or life style experiences in humans, then you may want to explore living off the grid and try to never come in contact with humans again. 
Can you view another persons life experience or vision without becoming affected or having the need to imitate or judge? 

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