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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Remix Video: August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj "No Love" - Don't Come Looking

"No Love" - With a chick on the side whose to know they're the one he's in love with, but the main one thinks there is still a chance for true love. August Alsina portrays a man who's involved with 2 women and can't seem to decide which one to give his heart to.  Along with Alsina's outstanding vocals in this song, Nicki Minaj contributes with a talented ballad and rap mixture.
No Love (Remix) [feat. Nicki Minaj] - Single - August Alsina
August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj "No Love" Music Video
August Alsina and Nicki Minaj scene from the "No Love" video

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