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Friday, May 9, 2014

Keyshia Cole - Next Time - Won't Give My Heart Away

Keyshia Cole "Next Time" music video

Well this song and video by Keyshia Cole says it all, "Next Time I Won't Give My Heart Away".
During her recent separation from her husband Daniel Gibson after he allegedly has been unfaithful in his marriage, she has been expressing herself through her music. Although she has been known to be one of the best in putting out some of the top songs featuring love drama and games, it's sought of bitter sweet that she herself will be back to delivering this type of music from her own experience. Keyshia and Daniel has a beautiful son together and they seemed like the ideal family, I hope this will all pass and they work it out because Daniel sure could use a strong person as Keyshia Cole in his life, anything in the streets or the wild life of lust, will never give or provide the type of love and security that he's left. Marriage is a very serious move and people need to learn that after asking for God's Blessings, ending it or being unfaithful while being it, is inviting bad energy into your life. A great video to watch before getting Married or while you're in a marriage is How To Know If You're Ready To Get Married and If Your Marriage Will Last.

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