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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Nene Leakes Said She Will Spit On Kenya Moore

The Breakfast Club Interview With The Real Housewives Of Atlanta's 'Nene Leakes'
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Charlamagne asked Nene what are some misconceptions about Nene Leaks because over the years they say she's a lot to deal with and she's always causing problems. Nene said "obviously we're on a reality show where everybody's being combative people are saying whatever they need to say. I'm an OG, I been their since day 1 and that's a threat to a lot of people."

When Nene was asked if she really dislike Kenya Moore in real life, she responded "I don't like her in real life, I don't think she's a good person and I think she does things for the show". Nene said you don't have to hit below the belt to be on the show. She said Kenya went around insinuating that she spit on her and Nene said she didn't, but she will spit on her. When Charlamagne said that's the ultimate disrespect when you spit on somebody, Nene responded "it is and that's how I feel about her".

They also talked about the time Nene said Kenya was giving birth to a Buffalo. Nene said sometimes when you are fighting with someone, you say things and you just be shooting, so she shot her in the wrong place. She didn't mean to talk about Kenya's child and she thinks she has a beautiful daughter, but Kenya was the size of a buffalo. 

Cynthia was also brought up in the conversation and Nene said Cynthia was like a sister to her, but after a couple of issues they will never be that close again. She said that Cynthia crossed her and really hurt her.

On the show Nene and Cynthia tried to talk it out, but NeNe became emotional, they hugged and in that moment you thought they would have a chance at reconciliation, but Nene still says "no". Do you think they will be close again?

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