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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Rap Artist Pop Smoke Dead At 20

Pop Smoke
Rising Rap Artist "Pop Smoke" shot dead in a California home.

Tmz reports that around 4:30 Wednesday morning masked men entered the home where Pop Smoke was staying and fired shots killing the rapper. Many websites are calling the home invasion a robbery, but Tmz reports that it appears to be a targeted hit because the surveillance footage doesn't show the men carrying anything out of the home.

One of the friends that was with Pop Smoke hours before his death spoke out about people speculations in regards to what happened. He says "The pain im feeling ...I just lost my f**king brother, my heart my dawgz (emoji) you guys have no type of sense of sympathy I yall dont kno whats going on yall come on here playing investigator and bashing me on the internet, I would never in my life set my brother up. We ate together, broke bead together this really my mother child I dont gotta explain nothing to nobody". He goes on to say "The truth ill come to light until then sleep in peace (emojis)"

Pop Smoke was only 20 years old . Some of his known projects were "Welcome to the Party' remixed by Nicki Minaj, "Meet The Woo", "Jackboys", and "Christopher Walking".

Nicki Minaj wrote on her instagram: "The Bible tell us that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Unbelievable. Rest in Peace. Pop.".

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