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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Young M.A Talks Featuring With Meek Mill and Big Sean

Young M.A Talks Featuring With Meek Mill and Big Sean
Young M.A Hot 97 Interview
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Megan Ryte of Hot 97 interviews Young M.A and they talk about why Young M.A is staying independent, they also discuss doing more music features then she has in the past.

As the interview starts, Megan asked Young M.A why has she remained an independent artist, Young M.A responded by saying it's her "comfort zone" because she's so used to handling things from her end and from her team. Young M.A also says that she's not totally against the label thing and she has thought about it herself because it's a bigger platform and things come quicker, but she's use to handling things on her own. She goes on to say that she's still being offered bags (money) from labels, but she has to play it cool and take her time on it. Young M.A says everything has to be right and that it's not so much the money, but it's about longevity and development.

During the interview Megan Ryte asks Young M.A why she hasn't done a lot of features and Young M.A said it's not on purpose it's just that she's picky with a lot of things, but she's now thinking about doing a feature.When asked who would she do a feature with, she mentioned Big Sean and Meek Mill.

Young M.A new album "Her Story" will be released September 27, 2019

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