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Friday, July 12, 2019

Alicia Keys "Get Rid Of The Bullsh.." Vent

Alicia Keys "Get Rid Of The Bullsh.." Vent

With many people sometimes taking to social media can help release a little steam and it appears that Alicia Keys is no exception to the surge.

As Keys states in the video, "she is known for being zen, calm and pretty cool about everything", but not this day!

Alicia takes to her twitter account to let her followers know that her "peace peace" of the day is to get rid of the bullshxx. She says "when you are fed-up when you are sick of the bullshxx, it's time to move on. Don't sit there and excuse the bullshxx and come up for a reason why the bullshxx is happening and why you should try a little longer to tolerate the bullshxx. Get rid of whatever the bullshxx is. because 'trust me' when you do that, you will feel of peace...of peace, good luck, it's hard sometimes but do it. When you know it here, (pointing at her chest) you know it so just do it".

What do you think about her message?
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