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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wale - Black Bonnie Ft. Jacquees - Rated Mega 5 Stars

Wale 'Black Bonnie' Ft. Jacquees
Mega 5 Stars 
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Wale - Black Bonnie
Wale - Black Bonnie

Wale grace the screen with his new music video for his single 'Black Bonnie' featuring Jacquees.
Black Bonnie embraces a powerful bonding love that can never be broken.

"When strong minds wrap together nothing can unravel them."

Black Bonnie is Off Of Wale's 'It's Complicated' Album

Track Lineup
1. It's Complicated
3. Effortless
4. Let It Go

4 songs, 12 minutes - Released: Mar 13, 2018

Music Video

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