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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dej Loaf, Leon Bridges, Sending A Message Of Love No Matter Who Or Color - Liberated

Dej Loaf and Leon Bridges new song 'Liberated' is climbing the charts.
In sending a message of love, no matter to who it is or the color of their skin, the two artists joined together in presenting a message of  "Love, No Hate" from within their talented music craft.

Along with the song; Dej Loaf, Leon Bridges, and team created a colorful music video reflecting their thoughts on the freedom to choose the partner you want to marry, police brutality, and racism. 

Dej Loaf is known for her freedom of style, speech, and unique music flow.
'Liberated' is another song revealing Loaf's feelings about pressing issues and high profile problems in America.

"I won't judge who you love or your brown skin" 
A positive liberating verse within the Liberated song; giving you more of a view of who Dej Loaf is and what she represents.

"Love, Unity, and Freedom!"

Dej Loaf. Leon Bridges - Liberated Cover

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