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Thursday, May 24, 2018

J. Cole KOD - Rated Mega 5 Stars - Angie Martinez Interview

The personal energy J. Cole poured into KOD is strong and Angie Martinez interview leveled it all out with pure understanding.

J. Cole KOD and Angie Martinez Interview are both
Mega 5 Stars
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Cole's album gives you a deeper look into some of the artist's life, mind, and soul as he translates and reflects on the challenging moments he's experienced

Some personal tracks on the Album that made an impact on J. Cole's life were 'Once an Addict' -which looks back on his thoughts during his mother's addiction and 'Kill Edward' - which reflected on some deep hurting feelings that he's once had for his stepfather.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, J. Cole talks about his mother's addiction and how he told her about the song on the album. He also talked about the 'Kill Edward' song in which he confesses that Kill Edward is himself. He explains why he named it 'Kill Edward' (Edward being the name of his step-father) who he says was abusive. Cole says it was a chance to kill off the bottled-up feelings that he kept inside for years after the traumatic experience of growing up around his abusive stepfather.

Tracks on KOD are:
1. Intro
2. KOD
3. Photograph
4. The Cut Off (feat. kill edward)
5. ATM
6. Motiv8
7. Kevin's Heart
9. Once an Addict (Interlude)
10. Friends (feat. kill edward)
11. Window Pain
12. 1985 (Intro To "The Fall Off")

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