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Friday, March 23, 2018

Chris Brown - Tempo - Rated Mega 5 Stars

Chris Brown Tempo on Mega 5 Stars

Don't you just love when Chris Brown is solo and change up the 'Tempo'? His creative side just sparks with a Michael Jackson twist. 
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In watching a video, people can receive a different vibe than many, so "SomeTimes" we like to include viewers feedback in the decision of rating a project along with track the views to report an outstanding number. Chris Brown's Tempo did just that with an outstanding number of over 17 million views and still rising at this moment.

There is so much of Chris Brown's character and style in the Tempo video and you can see in his performance that he's in a space of comfort. 
Amazing Work and Craft!
Tempo is
Mega 5 Stars

Chris Brown's Tempo is a single off of his album
Heartbreak on a Full Moon
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