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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Remy Ma Fires Vincent Herbert Over Tamar Report

Rem Ma - Vincent Herbert Snip
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According to sources Remy Ma and team fired manager Vincent Herbert because she feels he's been more focused on getting his marriage back on track with wife (Tamar Braxton).

News reports state that Remy herself has been complaining about Herbert's lack of performance with responsibilities in scheduling and booking studio time. It's also been said that Remy feels it's because of Vince personal life problems with wife Tamar Braxton that his manager duties have been lacking.
We Tv - Tamar and Vince
However, in the couple's 'We Tv' Reality show 'Tamar and Vince', it appears that even Tamar had problems with her husband's performance as a manager, to the point that she even suggest he bring in an assistant. This problem and more plays out within the couple's marriage on the show, but along with the marriage problems; in a closer look. it appears that Vincent Herbert carries a lot of stress on his shoulders like the loss of his parents, his health, and weight challenges.

We at Mega 5 Stars would like to wish Vince Herbert and Tamar love, peace and happiness in overcoming any obstacles they may be facing. 


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