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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B - We Out Here Drippin' In "Finesse" Video

Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B  "Finesse" Music Video Pic
Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B

"Well, of course, their doing the damn thing!" What you expect with a power duo like this.
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Bruno Mars "Finesse" Remix Featuring Cardi B
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The combo connection on this project is absolutely "Fresh" and "In Living Color"!

As many of you may know; 'In Living Color' was a comedy show on Fox 5 in the 90s created by Brothers - Keenen and Damon Wayans. The show had a hip-hop/comedy feel to it with a flashy style, bright colors, and funny skits. Bruno Mars and his team most definitely captured that look in this video.

"What a way to start of 2018!"

The "Finesse" rap/song surely represents the Hip Hop community along with the soul connection you feel when hearing it and viewing the video.

"1 Star Cutie looks forward to seeing more music/rap from our Hip Hop roots representing the sound, soul, dance, style, and a cool friendship connection!

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