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Friday, December 22, 2017

Kim Zolciak Gets A Taste Of Being Bullied With Comments About Her Face

Photo Source: Bravo
Kim Zolciak may be getting a taste of her own medicine. During Season 10, Episode 4, Kim kept making negative comments when Kenya was asked about her husband. Although Kenya ignored Kim's mean gestures and outbursts at least twice, Kim kept yelling with shady comments in a bullying way until Kenya finally had enough as seen in this video.  

Many have heard about "Karma", well it looks like Kim Zolciak may have gotten just that last night on Twitter and Instagram. after she posted this photo.

Many of her viewers began to share their insulting thoughts on her appearance. One of them replied to her photos sayings, "Kim you messed up your face" and others had their own opinion as seen in this post.

While many also commented on how beautiful she looks, one negative comment really pushed Kim's buttons so much that she responded in this vulgar way.

Although Kim Zolciak may not have admitted to having plastic surgery on her face, too many she has been looking different, however, we all do change with age and years. 

"On another note:"
'Mega 5 Stars' doesn't condone bullying in any kind of way and we think Kim Zolciak-Biermann looks beautiful along with the rest of the Real Atlanta Housewives.

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