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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gucci Through A Curve On The Mr. Davis Album With The Weeknd

Gucci giving you a first class flight with "Curve"
Just Arrived Here On '1 Star Cutie'!
Gucci Mr. Davis Album - Curve Single
Looks like Gucci Mane through a little curve on the Mr. Davis album by featuring "The Weeknd" to do the vocals in the song 'Curve'.
Now Available On iTunes!

"Who would've thought?"
 This is what makes Gucci craft so unique and well constructed, by doing the unthinkable and staying true to his vision even if at times it could seem a little far-fetched and risque, the music tends to always get you lit!

Who would you like to see Gucci collab with?
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Track 5 on  Gucci's 'Mr Davis' Album


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