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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jay-Z New Album/Song 4:44 'Why Do I Keep Letting You Down' Apology - Serving Beyonce Lemonade

Jay-Z 4:44 Album
Jay-Z has released his new album '4.:44' on 6/30/2017

'4:44' is track 5 on the new album and it has the music world buzzing.
Many speculates that the track is in response to Beyonce's 'Lemonade' album. Although neither Beyonce or Jay-Z addresses these speculations, their songs include some facts about their life like: the babies, her problem pregnancy, workflow and more. So it's safe to say that the couple can be serving social media the lemonade in their life.

"No need for a reality show with this couple, although they can easily be some of the highest paid in the industry!" 

So since the couple is powerful in business adventures, this may be something they dip into.
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The world started following the couple's personal life more closely after we've caught the spilled tea back in 2014 at the VMA Awards. While everyone was blogging and vlogging about how cute
baby girl 'Blue' was when singing along with her mother from the crowd, we did a recap on beyonce medley introduction when she sung about marriage problems which we revealed in our ' Beyonce Confirms Marriage Problems During VMA Performance: Vanguard Award' post.

From that point on other social networks began to follow our lead and then in 2016 'Bae' released 'Lemonade'. 

Lemonade to us was more of a self healing album, helping beyonce release bottled up emotions and allowing the couple to regain the trust and strong bond they've once had.
Now in our highly queued speculations, Jay Z's new album "4:44" which was just released 6/30/2017 is a response to his wife's album.
In the 4:44 song (track 5) on the album Jay-Z starts off rapping his apology to Beyonce saying:

Do I find it so hard
When I know in my heart
I'm letting you down everyday
Letting you down everyday
Why do I keep on running away...

To hear the entire track you must sign into Tidal However, if you weren't a member prior to the release of 4:44 it will not be available to you. The only other alternative to hearing the song at the moment, is if you're a Sprint customer and you sign up for Tidal. So if you don't have Sprint, you will need to go and purchase a plan.
During this time New Sprint customers can receive 6 complimentary months of Tidal.


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