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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kenya Moore Pop-Up Wedding - Bravo Coins - Show Ratings

Looks like Kenya Moore has secured her "coins" once again on the Bravo show 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' since many may tune in to check out her wedding. The show ratings should reach even more high levels for just this storyline alone.
Kenya Moore and Husband Wedding Photo
Kenya Moore Instagram

It's only been a season since the news flash about Kenya being in a abusive relationship with her ex and now it's popped-up that she's married to a new man in her life in which she herself shared photos of the ceremony to her instagram page (as seen here).
" Yes", the show may be about a year off in airing however, this still may be too soon to get married, but who are we to say, right? "It's just a show and how would we know if it's really reality or just acting?"
Well what we will say to other women reading this little rant is to please wait at least 5 years before you think about marrying your crush of the moment, because it takes about 5 years to really get to know someone and their lifestyle. 

It's been said over and over again that Kenya wants a husband, and now more than ever because of her age(46). Well, many times rush marriages ends in divorce and since in our eyes marriage is a once in a lifetime thing, "till death do you part", it's best to wait. 

If you want to know the reason why you should wait to get married, watch this video on youtube: 
'Are You Ready For Marriage? How To Know' .

"But No Shade Here!"
Kenya Moore made a beautiful bride and we wish her many blessings.
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