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Saturday, March 18, 2017

T.I. Informs A Fan To Give Him His Space Then The Drama Starts - Full Video

In Celebrity News

T.I. let's a male fan take one picture while pumping his gas at a station, however, the fan proceeds to take "4,5,6" pics and a video. So T.I. let's the man know that he's taking too many pictures for a grown man and he needs to stop and give him some space. 

While T.I. gets aggravated from his surroundings at the gas station, the male fan continues to take more pictures, so T.I. informs the man that he's getting way too comfortable because he's still taking pictures and is now leaning up against his truck. 

The drama doesn't end there. T.I. ends up in an argument with the man then other people start getting into the conversation, then the gas station locks the flow of gas to T.I.'s pump, so now T.I. ends up yelling to the clerk to release the gas. 

Meanwhile when a female fan tries to calm the situation she herself ends up asking T.I. for a picture with her and a little girl.


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